Saturday, February 21, 2004

I received a letter from the claims handlers, who are pursuing my claim for compensation in respect of the mis-selling of my second endowment mortgage.

The company that sold me the policy will not compensate me, and the claims handlers state that they have approached all possible sources to "facilitate" my case.

They state that they are unable to act on my behalf wrt the second policy.

I shall look around and see if there are any other claims organisations who feel they could achieve more.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

I read an interesting article in Saturday's Times about endowments, and those purchased before April 1988.

I was pleased to see that they agree with my analogy, which compares the purchase of an endowment to the purchase of a malfunctioning TV.

I have been banging on about that particular point since the inception of this web diary back in Sept 2002 (well over a year ago), both on the diary and to the FSA et al; yet the relevant authorities refuse to take this point on board (how surprising!).

Maybe now it has been made in national newspaper, others will take this point up and push it hard.