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The Endowment Diary


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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Norwich Union Renege on Deal

Norwich Union Renege on Deal

Aviva (aka Norwich Union) has announced that it is seeking to restructure its £1BN offer to policyholders for its inherited estate, which was agreed in July 2008.

It is a fair bet that any new offer will be lower, and that Norwich Union will seek ways to delay payment to their policyholders.

In a statement the company said:

"Since we agreed an offer with the policyholder advocate in July 2008, the estate has reduced significantly as a result of substantial reductions in the value of equity and property investments.

Continuing market volatility and uncertainty means that the original reattribution offer for the inherited estate no longer meets our critical test of being fair to both policyholders and shareholders. We are working closely with the policyholder advocate to see how we can restructure our offer.

While we realise this will be disappointing for our eligible policyholders, it does reflect the nature of the current exceptional investment market conditions. We expect to be able to update policyholders in the next few months

Approximately 700,000 people were to have been offered between £400 and £1,000, and another 220,000 would have been offered a payout of between £1,000 and £3,500 if they accepted.

Who is there left in the UK who trusts in any shape, form or the slightest way the financial services industry in this country?

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