The Endowment Diary

The Endowment Diary


The Endowment Mis-selling Debacle - one of the UK's worst financial scandals

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Backing For Scottish Endowment Compensation

Backing For Scottish Endowment Compensation

Opposition parties in Scotland have publicly committed their support to the campaign to secure compensation for thousands of Scottish homeowners, who were mis-sold endowment mortgages by their solicitor.

Charles Kennedy, Liberal Democrat leader, and Alex Salmond, SNP leader, urged the government to close a legal loophole which leaves many Scots facing huge shortfalls.

People who bought a policy through a lawyer in Scotland, before December 2001, do not qualify for a settlement under the Financial Services and Markets Act.

Mr Kennedy said:

"It is an absurd situation if people in Scotland don't have the same protection against endowment mis-selling as homeowners in England and Wales. It must be put right immediately."

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