The Endowment Diary

The Endowment Diary


The Endowment Mis-selling Debacle - one of the UK's worst financial scandals

Monday, August 02, 2004

Another "Little Problem" With Endowment Policies

Those of you who are fed up with holding on to your endowment policies, and are thinking of cashing them in, need to be aware of the latest problem coming to light in the savings industry.

It seems that providers of with profits savings products have thought up another ruse, by which they prevent the poor saps who bought these underperforming policies from collecting what is rightfully theirs.

They make use of Market Value Adjusters (MVA's), which are penalties applied to people who cash in their with profits savings plan early. It seems that the owners of these policies are only just becoming aware of the existence of these penalties; as the companies that operate these polices, and the IFA's that recommended them, failed to tell people of their existence when they bought them.

In the event that you are not happy with being charged a penalty to withdraw from an underperforming and useless endowment policy, then you are at liberty to complain to the Financial Ombudsman.

Good Luck!

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