The Endowment Diary

The Endowment Diary


The Endowment Mis-selling Debacle - one of the UK's worst financial scandals

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I received a message on The Forum today from Ian, who was asking for advice about writing a letter of complaint.

Here is my response, which is pertinent to all seeking to complain:

"...Thanks for your message, I am sorry to hear of your potential loss.

You are not alone, there are 6 million of us facing a £40BN shortfall.

If you need a good quality proforma complaint letter then go to the part of the Consumers' Association website, which is helping consumers draft complaint letters, it can be found at endowment action.

I would note that the time for making complaints is running out, and that those of you who have not yet done so ought to do so very soon.

Remember that when making any financial decision, take the advice of a suitably qualifed independent financial adviser and lawyer..."

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